Population: 2973
Area: 1181 ha
website: www.ariadna_k.republika.pl

The biggest village within the community is the capital Michalowice, which is located in the centre and consists out of three villages: Michalowice I, II, and III. Michalowice is the administrative center, including the council administration building, post office, bank, public library, infirmary, a catholic church, elementary and grammar schools, and a kindergarden. Moreover, you can find a number of shops, two hardware stores, petrol and gas stations, a printing shop, and car workshop. The local volunteer fire fighter unit is equipped with modern vehicles and machinery and belongs to the national rescure system. In Michalowice, a public sports club, called “Michalowianka”, is located, as well as the Michalowice’s Friends Association “Nad Dlubnia”.